Pel 691

H2EX awarded an exploration license in June 2022

PEL 691 is located on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and spans ~6000km2.

H2EX and CSIRO execute two Research Agreements

H2EX has leveraged the research expertise of Australia’s National Science Agency, CSIRO, through a project that identified hydrogen seeps and migration pathways. The study, completed in December 2022, provided a pivotal first step in understanding the natural hydrogen system in the Eyre Peninsula and is a first-of-its-kind in the area. Following on from this study, CSIRO and H2EX conducted a successful gas soil sampling campaign to detect hydrogen and helium in May 2023. These projects were made possible through the CSIRO Kick-Start program.

close up of Banksia spinulosa
Map of areas for exploration

H2EX Secures Australian Government Funding

The Australian Government has awarded H2EX a grant of $863,000 to Accelerate Exploration and Extraction of Renewable Natural Hydrogen.

Together with our research partners: University of Adelaide, Australian National University and Black & Veatch, we will undertake a project to enable green and passive exploration techniques to accelerate the discovery of natural hydrogen. The research into extraction solutions will provide a clear pathway to drill and extract the lowest cost hydrogen, which is expected to be up to 75% cheaper than manufacturing hydrogen.

The Project will unlock important first-mover benefits for Australia within an emerging sector globally.

Thank you to the CRC-P Program for award of this grant.

H2EX’s South Australian acreage has been strategically selected to test various natural hydrogen play-type theories.

We plan to explore for natural hydrogen via a range of activities including:

Geological modelling
Gas surface sampling
Develop a portfolio of leads and prospecs